The I Ching Hexagrams of Autumn

Click on the avatars to see the full-sized animations. These are much larger, than the ones on the first three pages, so they take longer to load, but they are worth the wait. You will find that Contemplation of them enables the Mind to transcend the mundane world...

A Galaxy Swallowed

30, 772K

Alien Contact

29, 648K

Autumn Breezes

17, 559K

Cyclic Signatures

34, 199K

Blossom Magnetics

37, 583K

Flowering Weed

33, 220K

Fractal Flower

34, 532K


28, 250K

Maltese Cross

35, 277K

Occult Formulae

28, 019K


30, 563K


30, 666K

Two Birds on Silk

24, 513K


37, 742K



Eye of God

12, 592K

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