Click on the avatars to see the full-sized animations. These are much larger, than the ones on the first three pages, so they take longer to load, but they are worth the wait. You will find that Contemplation of them enables the Mind to transcend the mundane world...

Alien Mind

33, 636K

Astral Chapel

24, 569K


14, 191K

Bouquet Blossom

17, 555K

Field Strength

37, 877K


32, 370K


18, 122K

Neighbor Bush

17, 508K

Ocean, Land, Sky

17, 128K

Sea Wheat

38, 171K

Snappy Dragon

35, 511K

Joshua Tree

11, 602K


10, 928K

Road to Mecca

17, 756K


43, 673K


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