#3 : Contemplation

Contemplation is required to understand Truth.

The Image

Accept the world as it is. Know the desires of your heart. Think logicly. Grow in Wisdom.

The Inside

Wait & be aware! Stall until you can locate & understand the problem. Be sensible. Content is more important than form. Great Good Fortune! Do not relax & allow things to fall apart by becoming too comfortable. Pay Attention. Success comes after difficulties are resolved. Be patient & persevering. Success comes from striving to maintain harmony in your business. Be Fair. A simple clear form is the fullness of Grace. Be Clear.

The Outside

Use your good fortunes to further the advancement of humanity. Good Luck. When the causes of separation lie within yourself, disolve the patterns of narrow thinking which perpetuate the problem. Get Wise! Do not quarrel. State your case, & let things develop naturally. Pay attention. Do not assume authority without general consent. Be realistic. Strive to be the center of union when everything is splitting apart. Good luck. Do your best. If you lose your head, then you may have lost it all! Misfortune!

The Lines

Top : Only when you know yourself, can you see the world as it is. Be Realistic!

5 : If you truly know yourself, you will be able to live without blame. Good Luck!

4 : Assist the development of wisdom among your friends. Great Good Fortune!

3 : Observe the results of your actions to decide which Path you will follow. Think!

2 : Contemplate the letter of the law, when dealing with bureaucrats to smoothly accomplish your goals. Pay Attention!

1 : Understand the difference between seeing things as they are, and being able to do something about it. Get Wise!

Contemplation's Circle of Friends

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