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Rocking the joint stimulates flow of the internal forces through the joints. It relaxes stresses, and promotes flexibility.

Have the patient lie prone on your massage table.

Grasp an ankle with both hands, and gently rock it in all directions, exploring the range of movement, forwards & backwards, side to side, and around. Do this slowly & without forcing anything for 3 minutes. Then repeat the process with the other ankle.

Similarly with the knee, place one hand above, & the other below, and employ a slow, gentle pulsation with your hands for 3 minutes about the patella. Do this for 3 minutes with the other knee as well.

Now do this in turn for the wrists, the elbows, and finally the shoulders. Next have the patient turn over to the supine position, and beginning with the ankles, gently rock each joint for another 3 minutes each.

This technique may also be applied on the toe joints of the feet, and also the finger joints of the hands, although one minute per joint should be sufficient.

Rocking The Joint

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