Mushroom Mountain : 57, 332K

I wish I knew who took this photo of Mount Shasta. They deserve a Credit.

There are many legends surrounding Mount Shasta. The Native Americans have always considered it to be a Holy Place.

In Metaphysical literature it is said that inside the mountain there is a city of Enlightened people. Variously, they are supposed to be extraterrestials or a species of humans called, the Blue race.

When I visited Mount Shasta early in 1976, I could feel its aura from a good 25 miles away. I met some other Hippies there, known as the Friends of the Mountain. I stayed for a few days, and split a lot of wood. I was told that they had known a guy who while hiking around the mountain, had found a cave. Inside the cave near its entrance were words inscribed in the rock wall in some hieroglyphic language, and a tunnel leading deep into the mountain.

He came back down the mountain and gave away everything he owned. Then he went back to this cave he found, and was never seen or heard from since. Nobody knows where the cave was, and it is hinted that the cave entrance is only visible sometimes, and only to people who are ready to discover what is in it...

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