Accidents happen. People generally won't admit it, but most discoveries came about because of accidents. In this case the Circle2 modulation function of the software I use in creating these Moving Mandalas, appeared off-center. The software doesn't allow for that, so I've been wracking my brains ever since, trying to figure out how I might duplicate what happened.

Imagine what might be produced, if I figured out how to get Circle functions to originate in different places of a Moving mandala consistently. Then I could make Moving Mandalas with circles rippling out in several different places of a pic, and have them modulating each other... Spiral Generator : 55, 108K

I finally figured it out!
Woo Hoo!

It was an accidental "control-click" with my single button mouse.

The only software I've found that let's me make these Moving Mandalas, is very old, out of date, unsupported, no longer available, freeware which I use with my old iMac G3, running OS 9.2. These programs will not run on any higher level Macintosh operating system.

I am looking for stuff I can use with my new G5 Mac Tower, but haven't found any yet. What's funny, is that these two machines sit right next to each other, but are soooooooo many generations apart, that they can't be connected in a network! I have to FTP stuff up to my website, and then download to the other machine...

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