December 22, 2012

CNN Report by Aaron Brown

Governments, Global Corporations & Religious Organizations worldwide were put on notice today that all military & predatory actions & activities will immediately cease. This directive was broadcast on all media & the internet by the Spheres of Light Beings who surrounded the planet yesterday at 11:11.

They warned that violators would lose rights to reincarnation for up to 1000 years, and that the species known as the Pleiadians, would be implementing the new global directives concerning Ecology, Technology, Commerce, and Species Rights during the next seven years.

Additionally, the Spheres of Light Beings are concentrating upon what they refer to as the Harvest of Souls, temporarily removing humans of advanced spiritual stature from planet Earth, while the Pleiadians are in charge.

Operation Resurrection will culminate after the seven year period of the Pleiadian cleansing of the Earth. In Operation Resurrection the human population of spiritually advanced humans who are now being evacuated, will be returned to form the new government, and the Christ Kingdom on Earth

President Obama was in conference with the Pleiadian Delegation, so Vice President Dennis Kucinich released a statement saying he was looking forward to a new era of human, animal, and plant cooperation on Earth with our neighbors from the stars

In other news failed Republican candidate for the 2012 Election, Sarah Palin, (who lost her bid for the Presidency by an 80% margin), was stricken by convulsions and frothing at the mouth, making these utterances on Fox News during her interview, "I am the Whore of Babylon, drunk on the blood of the Wolves! Satan Save Me!"

Interviewer Glenn Beck watched in horrified fascination as she stripped off all of her clothes, never having seen a live naked woman before

In San Francisco Plejoren Ambassador Semajase addressed an enthusiastic crowd in Golden Gate Park, while wearing flowers in her hair. She stated that her favorite human singers were Joan Baez and Enya, and that she had a special liking for the musical genre known as Jazz

She said that henceforth kindness shall be the law of the land, (giving a wink to the Dalai Lama who stood beside her), and urged people to give up the barbaric practice of eating animals

She went on to state that the free energy technologies, long suppressed by the Dark Cabal, would soon be made available all over the world, and that this would lift the people of Earth out of poverty

In conclusion she said that the greatest transformation on Earth would be one that we would make by embracing all Life in our Hearts

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