Contact at Craney Hill, New Hampshire : 1975

by James Clair Lewis

It was in August of 1975, and I had been camped atop Craney Hill near New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire for about a month. I was spending my time meditating, and contemplating. I hiked around browsing on the wild blueberries, and enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Early one evening my friend, Tommy, (who I've lost track of over the years), came up with a supply of food. I was fixing a pot of Red Zinger tea, when Tommy spotted a light over in the East. He said it was a UFO, but I said it was just an airplane heading directly towards us.

As it drew closer and closer, it made no sound, and I should point out that there are no swamps in the area from which swamp gas might arise, besides which, it had been a rather dry Summer. By the time it was directly overhead, I knew it was no airplane, or even a helicopter, because they make a lot of noise, and this object in the sky made none.

At this point I felt that I was being observed from above, and not just upon the physical plane. I felt the presence of a vast and benign Intelligence. So I filled a cup, and offered it some tea. Then it *spoke* to me, not in words, or even in telepathy as I knew it, but in whole concepts. Each Idea it gave me, was like a chapter from a book.

First it thanked me for the offer of the nourishing beverage, but explained that it was not a ship with some kind of people in it, but instead, it was a Being of pure conscious energy. It said that it had been watching over the development of life on Earth for some four billion years. Then, it said that I could ask it one question.

I asked it how the Universe works.

My question pleased it, and in answer, it began to fill me with energies, opening all of my Chakras, all planting the answer deep in my mind, where it has been leaking out to my conscious awareness ever since. Then, it flew off towards the South, and disappeared.

Over the next few days, many people began coming up to the top of Craney Hill asking about the UFO. It had been seen from all directions in the area by a lot of people, and I didn't know what to tell them. As you can imagine, I had quite a bit to sort out. Finally, I decided to move back to Cambridge, Mass...

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