#13 : Traveling

Do not be a garden vegetable. Go out and see the world.

Develop Character. Cultivate Grace. Do not waste Wealth. Push onward. Recognize Limitations. Be natural

Brighten the journey. Share the Pot. Make Progress. Walking is Meditation. Retreat from troublemakers. Avoid Danger

Learn from Travel

The Image

Know the world you live in. Be aware of what people think. Understand prevailing attitudes. Illuminate the sky.

The Inside

Use extreme care in the making of plans. Be Aware. You should listen to yourself talking. Be aware. Do not anger the Bees. Be patient, when no one will hear you, especially if you know what you are talking about. No Blame. The Bees enjoy working. Dedication to your work will eventually lead to recognition. Fear nothing. The Bees are always around. A good example communicates through its presence, rather than through admonitions. Be real. The Bees are wise. Perhaps you cannot do anything right, because you are trying to do the impossible. Stop that!

The Outside

The Butterfly stretches its wings. A comprehensive vision is essential when you have many detailed tasks. Be aware. Strive to produce a quality product, but do not talk a lot about it. Pay attention! Cooperate with people who have helped you out of difficulties. Good Fortune. You should sit and meditate. Get rid of your egotism. Grow up! Polite considerations are expedient, when it is time to end a relationship. Get wise. The Butterfly minds its own business. Do not alienate the Bees. If you cannot live in harmony, you will lose important friends. Misfortune!

The Lines

Top : Do not alienate the Bees. The Butterfly minds its own business. Trouble captures those who fail to use their insight! Misfortune!

5 : See how Bees do things. When you find the company you are seeking, introduce yourself with a gift. Great Good Fortune!

4 : Respect the Bees. Be thrifty, conscientious, and aware of what is going on. Be Sensible!

3 : Do not make the Bees angry. Don't make yourself unwelcome by meddling in other people's business. Pay Attention.

2 : Bees can be friendly. A modest traveler will find friends, and whatever else is needed. Good Fortune.

1 : Observe Bee society. The Butterfly stretches its wings. Preserve your dignity by realizing that there are certain things you must not joke about. Think!

Note : The Bees are always around.

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